Friday, 15 October 2010

Portrait Photography Workshop

I've put together some links that you should find useful to help you with the basics of portrait photography. These are the videos I've used during the workshop:

Emily Wilson shoots a natural light portrait
youtube video

Erin Manning top 10 tips
youtube video

Scott Kelby- How to use natural light
youtube video

Lighting - the "hand" tip
youtube video
How to use the palm of your hand to see good light. If you spin in a circle you can watch how the sun hits the palm of your hand to determine where to best position your subject for the best outdoor light. Generally close to full sun on the face or backlit are best.

Quick ambient light portraits:
youtube video

Outdoor Portraits in Parks or Open Space
youtube video

Very useful forum entry on "flickr" - How to take great portrait photos - read the writeup and follow the links. As he says, the JS Monzani site probably IS the best general portrait photography tutorial on the net. It's what I use for the printed materials of the workshop. flickr link

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